Devon Wildlife Trust


The Devon Wildlife trust run several sites, near Magnolia Lodge, which you can visit during your stay.

The map link will give you all the info you need about the local sites including; Wolborough Fen, Bovey Heathfield, Chudleigh Knighton Heath, Lower East Lounston, Emsworthy Mire, Little Bradley Ponds, Mill Bottom, Scinniclift Copse to name just a few.

About The Devon Wildlife Trust

Here’s a bit more info on the trust.

Established as a registered charity in 1962, the Devon Wildlife Trust holds a unique and influential position. Unique because it is the only independent organisation concerned with all aspects of wildlife conservation in Devon.  Influential because it is a member of The Wildlife Trusts partnership, a nationwide network dedicated to the achievement of Living Seas and a Living Landscape in the UK.  This partnership has more than three quarters of a million members and care for over 2,000 nature reserves.

The Devon Wildlife Trust has around 35,000 members and 40 nature reserves throughout the county totaling over 3,000 acres.  It is closely involved in land and marine management, wildlife surveying, conservation policy and education.  DWT employs over 50 highly qualified staff, including specialists in all aspects of wildlife conservation, whilst hundreds of people, members and others, work with the organisation on a voluntary basis.

Their work increasingly involves conservation on a landscape scale – working over a vast area with multiple partners, including local authorities, government and independent agencies and private landowners – to rebuild a sustainable Living Landscape – current Living Landscape projects are

  • Working Wetlands: a large scale project in the Culm Natural Area of Devon to create a robust landscape more able to withstand the pressures of a changing agricultural landscape and climate – Read more
  • Exeter Wild City: a project founded on a vision of a city which is a place for people and a place for wildlife – in fact a place for all life – Read more
  • Avon Valley: working in the Avon Valley Strategic Nature Area to restore neglected sites, create new habitat and link sites through the landscape.

In addition to the nature reserves, Devon Wildlife Trust has two visitor centres

  • Cricklepit Mill, in Exeter, is a 17th century water mill, restored to working order, which is our headquarters. The mill is open to visitors 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday. Milling days take place several times a year – Read more
  • Wembury Marine Centre, near Plymouth has interactive displays about the marine environment and rocky shore. The beach and surrounding coast are designated a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and are home to a huge range of marine and coastal wildlife.